A Mix between Land and Sea

The collection 2022-2023  of Neves Barros jewellery that seduces with creativity,
originality as well as by a noble and ecological material.
It is a question here of letting the woman be elegant without neglecting
the nobility and lightness of cork. In addition to the different textures and colors
Whether with a “Cork & Pearls” or “Cork & Ceramic” set, each of the two sets of cork jewellery

is a unique piece of art.

Woman will be able to indulge herself and find a beautiful, natural jewel that is pleasant to wear.

The natural characteristics of cork attribute an exclusive character to each piece.
A pure texture on your skin. The harmony of cork and nature.

Cleaning: Waterproof, washable with soap and water


Creations Neves Barros Cork Jewellery 2022-2023


Creations Neves Barros Cork Jewellery


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