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Think nature, buy cork products Our products are special and exclusivly created with portuguese cork. They perfectly combine originality and creativity. Cork is an exelent fabric which is soft, ecological, light and easy to clean. All the products are washable with soap and water.

About Textinova

Textinova is a more than a companie, it’s a brand. Textinova has established a new approach focused in the innovation, modernity and design of the cork products it sells and adopting a new standard based in the quality and diversity of those products. We work with the biggest manufacturer of cork in Portugal, where the finest cork fabric is produced and attention to detail results in products you will love. Get to know cork in a whole new way. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Who am i?

Me, Neves Barros! I am the founder of the Textinova website and creator of the

<Neves Barros cork jewellery>  collection.

Alma Lusitana, from one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal <Minho>
I would like you to discover my universe, my passion for cork, my personal touch of unique and ecological pieces which seduce my customers through my website textinova.lu, but especially on my exhibitions in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.
I must thank the welcome of these thousands of customers, for their friendship, especially for their confidence in me when buying on my online shop throughout these 10 years.
I invite you to discover on my shop, many cork articles, such as cork handbags, cork wallets, cork belts, cork hats, VEGAN shoes, as well as my cork jewellery collection.



Here is a video, where you can see my stand on one of my exhibitions LuxExpo The Box Luxembourg



Cork, 100% natural fabric

Cork fabric is ideal for upholstery. It provides the sophisticated look and luxurious feel of soft leather or nubuck suede, but without maintenance worries. Cork is easy to clean with a damp cloth and is stain and water resistant and durable. Itt is completely natural and sustainable and you’ll see why it’s the perfect material for environments ranging from your living room to hotel lobbies to private yachts.



Portuguese Montado

The cork oak is one of the richest ecosystems in the world.

Portugal has the largest area of cork oak forest.